Plezalni center Ljubljana is a modern indoor rock climbing and bouldering gym, located in the greener part of the Štepanjsko naselje area in Ljubljana. Established in December 2013, the center is designed exclusively for sport climbing and related activities. It is the largest state-of-the-art sport climbing facility in Slovenia, offering 1280 m2 of climbing surface including a high wall (up to 17 metres) and boulder with a variety of problems and grades. Whether you are a climbing addict, a competition climber or a newbie, Plezalni center Ljubljana is definitely the place for you!

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What will I find at Plezalni center Ljubljana?

There is plenty to choose from! In addition to climbing and other types of exercise, you can stop by for coffee or beer, socialize or shop. Any climbing enthusiast will appreciate the variety of the climbing routes of different heights, forms and grades. Our Grif bar has a nice feel and groove, and you are more than welcome to stop by after your climbing session for some more good times. Any climbing gear, as well as many other items, can be purchased in the store next door.

When can I come?

Plezalni center Ljubljana is open Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from morning to late evening. This way you can pick any time of day that suits you the most and still get the most of your climbing time. You are welcome to try out some of our overhangs, slabs or cracks or simply have a drink or two at the Grif bar, from where you can see for yourself what climbing the highest artificial climbing wall in Slovenia is all about. It’s quite an experience!

Main Climbing Wall

The big climbing wall includes 850 m2 of climbing surface and up to 17 metre long routes of various types, from vertical slabs and slabs inclined at a less-than-vertical angle to overhangs, roofs, nooks and 3 crack types. There are 6 sectors with over 130 routes (routes list and statistics) graded from 3 to 8c.: Circles, Nooks, Pillar, Main Wall, Warehouse and Elevator.

Bouldering Gym

The bouldering wall includes 180 m2 of climbing surface. The up to 4.5-metre high topout walls of various angles and forms provide an excellent tool for any recreational or professional climber wanting to increase their strength or improve climbing technique. The bouldering problems of different grades are created to suit all levels (our goal is to reach 100) and are reset on a regular basis.

Small Climbing Wall

The small climbing wall includes 230 m2 of climbing surface and about 48 up to 11 metre long routes graded from 4a to 7a (routes list and statistics), suitable for both top-rope and lead climbers. The repertoire of the routes offers enough variety and complexity to help learn different climbing techniques. This is especially convenient for beginners as well as more advanced climbers attending our climbing programs, closed groups, and in the training of young climbers and teaching climbing technique. Plus, a bird’s-eye view of the wall from the balcony above the entrance to the big wall will satisfy your curiosity about what climbing longer routes feels like.

Warm-up and Work-out Area

The multi-purpose area, equipped with a small climbing wall built for children and our Climbing Games and with strength training equipment, such as campus board, peg board, sloper rail, wall bars, gymnastic rings, gymnastic balls, TRX, resistance bands, balance boards, weights, and more, is a place where you can only warm up, work out and stretch.

Grif Bar

After climbing, relaxing in good company and in a good-feeling place is almost a must. Plezalni center’s nice little café is a great place to hang out and is open all year-round! Our friendly staff will be happy to bring you your favourite drink, and, to satisfy your taste buds, offer a selection of hot and cold snacks. You can sit back and enjoy the view through the panoramic window of other climbers, have a laugh with your friends or use free wifi. In the warmer spring and summer months, you can bask in the sun in our summer garden, hide from the summer heat under the umbrella or enjoy the nice and cool inside. Come see us!

Events, Lectures and Competitions

Plezalni center is not only Ljubljana’s indoor rock climbing center but also hosts cultural events. Once a month, a part of the bar is turned into a stage providing a platform for the local music scene, which gives local bands performing different types of music an opportunity to introduce themselves to a wider audience and us to enjoy their music. Also, talks are organized each month which are given by the most accomplished climbers and alpinists, travel talks about interesting trips (climbing trips and trekkings), exhibitions and foreign and domestic films. Plezalni center also hosts a number of competitions for children, youth and adults (West League, East League, NLP, Climbing Race, etc.).

Climbing Programs

Whether you want to learn how to climb, get back to climbing, improve your climbing technique or have a good climbing session in company of like-minded climbing enthusiasts, Plezalni center is the place to be. We offer organized climbing for children, high-school kids and students, adults and seniors, all part of packaged climbing training programs under the supervision of our top climbing instructors, different climbing courses and workshops, and fun day excursions or longer climbing trips. More information on our climbing programs is available here.

Room with a View

Our room with a view got its name after its unique position from where you can admire the green or snowy meadows along the Ljubljanica river and get a good view of spider-like climbers on overhanging problems on the big wall and the slabs on the small wall. The room is used for educational purposes, workshops, talks, and birthday parties.


When routesetting, we try to use creative problems to teach different climbing techniques while also developing strength and endurance. We put a lot of effort into grade layouts and regular new routes, so that all visitors can find  perfect challenges for themselves. A team of different routesetters contributes to a large variety of problems, since each routesetter has his own style. Every week new routes are established on Main Climbing Wall (Monday) and in Bouldering Gym (Friday). Three times a year we have larger resets on Main Climbing Wall and once a year we completely reset the Small Climbing Wall. You can find the routes here, where you can also post you opinion on grade and quality of the routes.

Slackline park

The area in front of the building was successfully turned into a slackline park including slackline anchor fixings for up to 7 slacklines of different lengths. All slackline enthusiasts, including beginners and children, are welcome to try out, learn or practice the art of balancing and join slackline workshops.

Iglu Šport

If you happen to run out of chalk or need new climbing shoes, pants, jacket or any part of your climbing gear and clothing, you are welcome to visit Iglu’s specialized store stocked with climbing, alpinist and mountaineering equipment as well as other sports and leisure-time items. Friendly qualified personnel will help you find the right footwear or outdoor clothing and offer expert advice on all technical items. As a special bonus, Iglu Šport provides their customers with discounts, additional benefits and new surprises all year-round.


All visitors can use free parking space directly next to the climbing center (south of the building and along the Pesarska cesta street). Cyclists can leave their bicycles in covered bicycle racks. If you are coming by bus, the final number 5 and 9 bus stops are practically at our door step, while numbers 13 and 24 also stop nearby. Our address and location can be found here.

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